Visit zones with various habitats and encounter and record different creatures.

  • A realistic nature experience

    A realistic nature experience

    The creatures that live in this world react to the movements of visitors based on their unique behavior. Sometimes you have to observe them carefully, and if you get too close, some of them will run away.

  • Time and weather

    Time and weather

    There are different times of day (morning, noon, evening, night) and weather (sunny, rainy). The background and creatures that appear change depending on the time of day and weather.

  • Navigating the adventure

    Navigating the adventure

    Tools with mysterious powers will help navigate your adventure, discover and learn more about this world.

Navigator for detecting and recording creaturesStone of recording

A stone with magical powers that will record your discoveries.
It will help on your adventure to discover the various creatures you will encounter.
This stone will give answers to you.

  • Detecting a creature

    Detecting a creature

    When you approach a creature, it will give you hints to help you record it.

  • Recording a creature

    Recording a creature

    If you press on the "white ball" during a certain action mentioned in the hint, it will tell you the creature's name and the reason for its action.

  • Looking back on your adventures

    Looking back on your adventures

    At the final destination you will reach the ending where the creatures you recorded appear.

zone main image

A variety of natural environments,
a unique flow of time
exist together in a world where the Nature of Earth is condensed.
Each zone is seamlessly connected to the next, and is inhabited by a wide variety of creatures.


*The facility's exhibits are selected based on the creatures that appear in the Shogakukan No Zukan NEO series.

[Collaboration] Etsuo Narushima (Ex-Director of the Inokashira Park Zoo) / Keiichi Koike (Professor Emeritus at Gunma University) / Masafumi Matsui (Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University) / Keiichi Matsuura (Honorary Research Fellow at the National Museum of Nature and Science) / Koshi Abe (ruderal inc.)