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  • This is a journey to discover life beyond time and space.
    Welcome to the world of picture books, a treasure trove of knowledge.
    It is an academic and entertainment experience where you can learn, have fun, and
    be fascinated by recording living creatures as they really are.
    In this "living museum" where life on Earth is condensed, creatures from all over the
    world are waiting for you.

  • Walk, Meet, Experience

  • This excitement will bring you knowledge.

  • In 2021, the journey begins with "Creatures of the Earth"


Various natural environments like forest and water connect seamlessly while time
flows at its own pace.
In this world, you can travel freely, observing the behavior of its creatures, or
immerse yourself into it and contemplate the Nature of the Earth.
Let the powerful world take over, and let curiosity be the guide in your adventure.

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